Mudel Poolromb
Tüüp suunatud, traatantenn
Sagedus [MHz] min 30
Sagedus [MHz] max 88
Võimendus [dBi] kesk. 8
Pistik N-ema
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Wideband directional portable half-rhombic antenna

Wideband directional portable half-rhombic antenna is designed for receiving and transmitting of radio-signals in frequency range 30MHz up to 88MHz.

Half-rhombic antenna idea is based on using of a long wire as vibrator, what center point is fixed on the top of the antenna (5..10m). Wire forms inverted V-sign. On the both ends of the wire special matching blocks are used. Besides antenna-wire connections each matching block has two N-type female connectors marked as TRX and LOAD. Communication device (radio) is connected to TRX with 50ohm cable. Same matching block’s port LOAD is connected to one end of a separate coaxial load-cable. The second end of the load-cable is connected to the TRX port of another matching block located on the second end of antenna-wire. Port LOAD of the latter matching block must be left open and it is covered with protective cap. See figure 3 for details.