Mudel MS44-6G
Tüüp maatriks
Portide arv 4x4
Sagedusala [MHz] 1-6000
Kadu [dB] 3.0
Sobitus [dB] 20
Sisendi 1dB komp. [dB] 34
Ühendus SMA
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Wideband universal RF switch matrix

4×4 RF Switch Matrix is designed for frequency range up to 6.0 GHz and RF power level ut to 2.5W. Device input and output ports are matched into 50Ω.


  • Excellent Insertion Loss
  • Excellent VSWR
  • High Linearity and Isolation
  • Absorptive switch design
  • 3V and 5V operation
  • Control options
    • I/O
    • USB
    • RS485
  • Customized solution upon request
    • RF connector allocation
    • DC supply
    • Control interface
    • Optimized Insertion or Return Loss


  • ATE environment
  • Cellular and Wireless applications
  • Filter bank selector
  • Transceiver systems