Radio electronics development

Rantelon’s 25 years of experience in product development allows us to provide our clients with an insight into the developmental cycle, from the creation of the initial concept through production to the finished product. The fresh solutions being devised by our research centre and through our active work in science and development are used by clients in the civil, industrial, security and national defence sectors across the globe.

Our product development service consists of multiple combined developments based on radio communications, electronics, software, artificial intelligence and mechanics. The whole process takes place in a compact location, ensuring the best results. To offer our clients and partners the most cutting-edge solutions, we are continuing to invest in our product development capacity.

The team at Rantelon is composed of engineers and specialists amongst the best in their field. This allows the company to be flexible and to provide clients with leading solutions in optimal time. We exclusively use modern tools, labs and testing equipment. Having our own production capacity allows us to make product and device prototypes quickly. The necessary tools and testing equipment can also be made for development work.

As such, Rantelon is a safe choice if you are looking to gain a competitive advantage and require a high-tech electronics company whose final products are reasonably priced and strictly follow all of the standards in the field –and most importantly, whose years of experience and partnership with other international tech companies prove its competence.

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