Defence industries

Defence industries

Electronic Warfare (EW) Equipment

Rantelon exports its military equipment to the military structures of NATO member states. The equipment is tried and tested, having survived a baptism of fire in the largest ongoing conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Mali. Our military equipment is produced according to the specifications and technical demands of the client. We have developed and produced jammers for clients whose power requests have varied from just a couple of watts to several kilowatts.

Rantelon began producing electronic warfare equipment in 2003 after receiving a mission-critical order from the Estonian Defence Forces. We were tasked with producing effective radio-controlled improvised explosive device (C-IED) jammers for a military operation in Iraq. Today, such ad hoc demand has led to a whole series of C-IED jammers, which guarantee the safety of our soldiers on their missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Mali.

As it developed and produced jammers, Rantelon simultaneously began developing tactical RF spectrum monitoring equipment. Monitoring devices provide the user with an active overview of everything going on over the radio, helping to assess likely dangers lurking in a physical space.

In addition, Rantelon develops and produces antennae, amplifiers, distributors, filters and many other components important in tactical communication networks, allowing units to establish tactical networks and radio communications and to maintain them in difficult situations.

Using and having control over the electromagnetic spectrum is one of the prerequisites of modern warfare and is therefore an important part of the foundation of national defence. Command, communications and force protection cannot function to their full extent if the military lacks the capacity to observe and influence what is happening over the electromagnetic spectrum.

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