ODLA502000-BPS (outdoor)

ODLA502000-BPS (outdoor)


Model ODLA502000 (outdoor)
Frequency [MHz] min 50
Frequency [MHz] max 2000
Gain [dB] 18
Output level [dBm] 19
Noise figure [dB] 0.5
IP3 [dBm] 33
Supply [V/mA] 5-17/130
Connector N-female
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ODLA502000-BPS is outdoor wideband low noise amplifier intended for very precision measurements of RF-signals up to 2GHz. Built-in switch allows by-pass of the signals up to 3GHz. ODLA502000-BPS is powered through RF-OUT connector only, thanks to what need of special power cable is eliminated.


  • Very low noise
  • High gain
  • Wideband
  • By-pass switch mode
  • Built-in bias-T circuit
  • Outdoor and waterproof
  • Compact and reliable
  • Wide voltage range


  • Radio-monitoring
  • Small signals receiving
  • IF-systems
  • Cable loss compensation