EAS Supports the Development of Drone Detection and Defence Systems

The objective of the project „Development of drone detection and defence systems” is to improve the characteristics of Rantelon’s drone detection and defence equipment, to add new functionalities and the development of a new generation device that integrates drone detection and defence into a single device. Additionally, visual detection device of Marduk Technologies is integrated to the system.

Artificial intelligent drone detection and defence technology will be developed that enables to control risks associated with explosive development of drones.
During the project, parameters of autonomous drone detection sensors (accuracy of signal classification and direction finding, drone motion modelling etc.) as well as interoperability of sensor systems (cooperative positioning, multi-sensor based drone motion positioning etc.) will be improved. Capacity of drone defence equipment will be extended to cover all frequency bands used by drones, introducing smart anti-drone principles and signals that reduce interference to other radio-communication networks and devices. One of the most important results of the project is the integration of drone detection and defence.
The project brings together Estonia’s leading anti-drone companies Rantelon and Marduk Technologies, and Sirius Microwave specialized in radio communication. Partners’ anti-drone capabilities based on radio communication and optics will be taken to a higher level and combined into complex solution to provide a comprehensive solution and increase sales potential.

The total cost of the project is 2 211 455,00 euros, of which the European Regional Development Fund will cover up to 1 617 768,80 euros.