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For restrictions on using jammers, please contact your national frequency regulator.


KJ103P is portable case-style jamming device designed to cover GSM and UMTS frequency bands.


  • GSM900/1800 and UMTS800-2100 frequencies
  • 3 separate frequency sets
  • 3 separate Vertical polarized built-in antennas
  • Passive cooling, no fans
  • Directional antennas as option
  • Front panel operation
  • Remote control
  • Easy to operate
    • Switch Bands ON/OFF
    • Select preprogrammed frequency sets
  • Field programmable
  • Upgradeable
  • Customized solution upon request
    • Frequency plan/frequency set
    • Antenna set, antenna base
    • Supply voltage
    • Case mechanics


  • IED Jamming
  • VIP security
  • Hostile radio contact blocking
Tüüp Sagedusala RF võimsus [W]
kantav kohver-segaja GSM, DCS, UMTS 3 x 15