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For restrictions on using jammers, please contact your national frequency regulator.


KJ-caseL is suitcase format jammer that can transmit jamming signals at multiple bands in parallel using integrated antennas. This device can be powered from three different power sources where the integrated power management can ensure continuous operation while switching between power sources.


• Easy to use – no training required
• Portable, robust and durable housing
• Built in omnidirectional antennas
• Optional high gain patch antennas
• Fast switch-on time
• Low out-of-band emission
• GNSS jamming capabilities
• In- and outdoor use


• IED Jamming
• VIP security
• Hostile radio contact blocking
• Communication jammer

Type Frequency range RF Power [W]
portable case-style jammer WiFi, LTE, GNSS Configurable, max 20 W each band