MATV/CATV amplifiers 47-862MHz

AL-line broadband amplifiers are designed for community antenna systems to amplify TV-signals. If you are using an outdoor antenna amplifier, we advise to put a band-pass filter between the antenna and the amplifier input. If there is more than one antenna, use a duplexer. The filter does not allow pass of interfering signals into the amplifier and helps to protect the amplifier input from lightning strokes. In case of long transmission lines (above 20..30m) it is reasonable to use 6dB cable correctors. AP-line broadband trunk amplifiers are invented for using in community antenna or cable TV systems with the aim to amplify TV-signals. AR-line subscriber’s amplifier with return path allows to use the additional services (internet, phone etc.) of CATV-providers. Gain and slope (frequency equalizer) of the amplifiers are properly adjustable. The return path subscriber’s filter is designed for customers, who use CATV-internet or phone services. This filter helps to avoid penetration of receiver generated noise signals into return path and hence it improves the internet connection quality. With the amplifier FRA20/65 it is possible to use the return path independently of a forward path amplifier type. Power supplies are parts of an amplifier set.

Product Gain
inc. 20% VAT
AL08-2 8 114 6.2 6.2 19.94
AL16-2 16 112 6.0 5.2 20.71
AL16-2E6 16 112 6.6 5.8 21.10
AL20-1 20 110 5.3 4.0 20.71
AL24-1 24 110 4.5 3.0 20.71
AL24-1E6 24 110 5.3 4.3 21.10
AL28-1 28 110 3.9 3.0 21.48
AL28-1E6 28 110 3.8 3.3 21.85
AL33-1 33 110 3.2 2.8 22.24
AL33-1E6 33 110 3.2 2.9 22.62