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Rantelon main sphere of business is the design, production and wholesale of radio frequency electronic devices. Fast response to market demands, original and modern solutions, as well as reliability of the products is the trademark of our company. We also perform testing and repair of RF equipment.

RF design Testing of RF devices Repairwork Flexible approach

Our experienced radio engineers use effective means of design and prototype creation. Our elemental basis is formed of the very newest com-ponents by the leading producers all over the world.

Our lab offers a possi-bility to test, measure and tune amplifiers, coaxial cables, trans-mitters and receivers, components and other RF devices up to the frequency of 67 GHz.             

We also perform repairwork of RF devices, those including CATV amplifiers and GSM devices.

Our assembly process have been directed towards short-run pro-duction and thus we remain flexible and able to respond fast to the demands of a changing market.

   Akadeemia tee 23, 12618 Tallinn, Estonia, tel. (+372) 681 3650, fax. (+372) 681 3651, rantelon@rantelon.ee